Our Team

Intelligence. Joy. Strategy. Pride. Aspiration. Care. Dedication. Honesty. Creativity. Excellence.

Our company was founded on these values. Our team lives by them.

Zoe Grams

– Founder & Principal

Zoe Grams has built a reputation as an esteemed marketing professional, balancing exceptional interpersonal skills with sharp insights.

Prior to founding ZG Communications, Zoe managed marketing campaigns for national and international clients at PR agencies in London and Vancouver, in addition to providing publicity to award-winning authors at D&M Publishers, at the time the largest independent publisher in Canada. She has arranged nationwide tours for leading authors; launched challenging social justice initiatives; and secured hundreds of media opportunities for clients. While earning an MA in Philosophy, she was responsible for managing and redesigning two culture magazines, both of which won national magazine awards during her editorship.

Via ZG Communications, Zoe also manages all marketing and publicity at the Vancouver Writers Fest—one of the world’s largest literary festivals—and, as marketing associate, handles marketing strategy and execution for publishing strategies company, Page Two.

Her writings about politics, arts and culture have appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic. When she is not working with clients, Zoe spends time in her home city of Edinburgh, and her homes-of-the-heart, Paris and Budapest.

Megan Jones

– Communications Manager

Megan is a seasoned marketer with years of experience working with publishing and not-for-profit industries in North America. She has spearheaded successful campaigns for organizations that include Talonbooks, the BMO Vancouver Marathon, and the American literary arts centre, Hugo House. Prior to ZG Communications, Megan worked as Publicist at Talonbooks, and Project Manager at Page Two Strategies, where she shepherded books from conception to publication. A published poet with a double degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, her writing can be found in publications such as Poetry is Dead Magazine, SAD Mag, Lemon Hound and PRISM International. Her first chapbook is forthcoming from Rahila’s Ghost Press in autumn 2017. Megan brings her keen insight and deep connections to Canada’s arts/culture and media communities—and her passion for connecting with others through compelling storytelling—to each and every campaign at ZG Communications.

Ariel Hudnall

– Communications Coordinator

Ariel completed the Masters of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University, and a successful internship with Appetite by Random House in Vancouver. She has been a traveler for most of her life, born in the bayous of Louisiana and raised along the coast of California, before heading east for Asia. During a six-year stint in Japan, Ariel worked extensively with award-winning culture magazine Kyoto Journal as a consultant and designer, helping the team there navigate a shifting publishing landscape. Prior to joining ZG Communications, Ariel was a workshop facilitator who taught authors about building up their online presence, as well as a community manager and marketer for an independent self-publishing community. She holds a degree in Japanese Language and Culture from UC Berkeley.

Our leadership team works closely with an extended network of collaborators, including graphic designers, website developers, social media strategists, copywriters and media buyers. We combine talents on a bespoke, case-by-case basis according to the needs of each client.