ZG Communications is a feminist, full service marketing agency dedicated to promoting ideas that can transform the world.

We are deeply passionate about the industries we work within. We work with people we believe in, whose visions we want to realize.

Simply put, we love what you do and we love what we do.

Our clients and collaborators include:

Publishers, Authors, Journalists and Filmmakers

Who want eyes on their work.

Not For Profits

Who want to increase public understanding of complex issues and effect positive social and environmental change.

Educational Institutions

Who want to share the power of knowledge with more students in new ways.

Socially Conscious Ventures

Who want to share their business for good with as many people as possible.


Our Approach

Exceptional communication is a careful alchemy of intelligent concepts, creativity and tenacity.

Our work method is to integrate seamlessly as a part of your team, building close, trusting relationships and supplying long-term knowledge to be used long after the results of our collaboration.

Each campaign begins with a sharply tailored strategy, developed from listening carefully to our clients’ needs, goals and potential. We analyze this with extensive knowledge of the industry landscape to ensure our approach is practical and innovative.

It’s this combination of logic and appreciation, conviction and tactics that makes us unique.

Corporate Responsibility

ZG Communications is a certified B-Corp.

We are one of 2,050 companies worldwide ranked as having the highest, verified standards of:

  • Legal accountability
  • Social and environmental performance
  • Public transparency
  • Aspiring to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.

We also commit to:

  • Donating 10 percent of our earnings to charitable organizations each year
  • Volunteering with initiatives within our community regularly
  • Offsetting our carbon footprint
  • Supporting developing country businesses through monthly microloans