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A veteran indie bookseller shares her must-reads

Searching for the perfect book for the rest of your summer vacation? Here’s a little secret: indie bookstores give the best recommendations.

Local booksellers read voraciously (we’ve spoken to many who read 2-3 books per week!) and are often ahead of publishing trends. They’re also highly skilled in matching titles to specific tastes, and curate large swaths of books for a variety of readers.

In the spirit of the indie bookstore, we caught up with the inimitable Mary-Anne Yazedjian of Book Warehouse, a charming bookshop in Vancouver, BC, where booksellers are known for their detailed reviews and recommendations on diverse titles. We asked Mary-Anne what she most looks forward to sharing with readers in the remaining sunny days. Her recommendations are bound to keep you reading to September and beyond.

Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang
This is a fantastic work of historical fiction from Vancouver author Janie Chang. I read this book in one long sitting because I just could not put it down. This is a beautifully written story of a girl growing up ‘zazhong’ (mixed race) in early 20th century China and the difficulties she faces. With the help of a loyal Fox spirit, Jialing learns to navigate a sometimes cruel world.

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley
A small private plane carrying ten people crashes into the ocean off the East Coast and only two people survive … what really happened? This is a mesmerizing and fascinating character study of everyone involved; what happened in their lives to bring them up to the point of boarding this plane? You’ll be enthralled from the first page to the last.

Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker
Vancouver author Carleigh Baker’s first book of short stories is superb! She covers a wide range of topics, and whether she’s writing about the dissolution of a marriage or the experience of bee-keeping, she keeps you engrossed. Baker takes the reader through all the possible emotions while reading this book and she does it so well.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
I believe that every teen and every adult should read this book. Alexie has created a remarkable, smart, funny, brave, honest, and unique character in Junior. You will laugh with him and you will cry with him. This is an absolute must-read!

With the above recommendations in hand, visit your local bookstore to find your perfect summer read. At Book Warehouse, you might even run into a very special bookseller, who truly devours words: Bookstore Dog!

August 1, 2017

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