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6 simple ways to support your book publicist

In our personal lives we know that strong and healthy relationships are built on trust, mutual support and respect. And when it comes to your relationship with your publicist, this couldn’t be truer.

A good publicist should be invested in and supportive of your goals, excellent at communication, and adept at interpersonal relationships, among other attributes and skills. But they do benefit from several simple (and easy) steps on the part of the client, too, which may streamline the publicist’s efforts in conducting a rewarding, successful marketing campaign.

With this in mind, read on for six essential ways to support your publicist in their work.

Happy bonding!

1. Compare media lists.
Your publicist should provide you with a detailed list of whom they intend to pitch during your marketing campaign (and if they don’t, ask for one!). Compare this list to your own list of contacts you aim to email about your book or project, and be sure to notify your publicist if there is overlap. This will save time, money, and avoid oversaturating media with conflicting information.

2. Tell your publicist if you plan to pitch.
You may have friends or family who work in media, whom would love to hear from you about your book or product, and that’s wonderful. But be sure to consult your publicist before you pitch an outlet. Why? Your publicist may already be speaking to the outlet or even arranged a hit for you. Re-pitching now will look unprofessional at best, and may risk the loss of the hit at worst.

3. Communicate events.
Do you have plans to give a reading from your book, or attend a conference or trade show in another city? Tell your publicist as soon as dates are confirmed so that they may plan accordingly. They may decide to conduct a mini pitch campaign in the city you are visiting, or they may need to reschedule an interview for a time when you won’t be travelling. Your schedule is valuable information for a publicist for a variety of reasons; be sure to share it often!

4. Be mindful of time.
Publicists thrive on creative conversations and therefore are often the owners of busy and complicated meeting calendars. So if you make an appointment with your publicist, be sure to arrive on time or give plenty of advanced notice in case of cancellation.

5. Share your feedback.
Don’t be shy! Speak up and share what’s on your mind during your marketing campaign especially if something is bothering you. Publicists are excellent communicators and should be open to receiving constructive feedback on their work from clients. You never know: your feedback may even enable them to do meet your needs more effectively and broadly.

6. Provide as much information as possible.
Do you have ideas for angles for your book, speaking points for your interviews, or additional context about your product? Be sure to share any and all information widely with your publicist. Marketers are highly skilled in reducing large amounts of information to its most essential components—so toss aside the “less is more” mantra and don’t hold back!

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