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Dress Like a Book: Interview with Dina DelBucchia

Calling all readers: Dina Del Bucchia wants you to share your book-matching style with the world via her literary platform, Dress Like a Book. This whimsical website compiles photos of readers dressed to match their favourite books—from age-old tomes to contemporary poetry collections. Want to learn more? Read our interview with Dina below.

Where did the idea for Dress Like a Book originate from?

I love clothes and I love books. I think so often the artistry of fashion and style is diminished or we claim that it’s not worthwhile or important to the right people. Books, on the other hand, are some highfalutin business that must be taken very seriously. Put them together and even that out. There are so many gorgeous book covers and so many gorgeous clothes. I hope the project is entertaining. I think it’s good to have fun. It’s good to promote books. Which ZG already knows. Sometimes you have take a ridiculous project seriously.

Can anyone submit a photo?

Yes! Anyone. I’ve had kids and babies, cats and dogs. It’s not about great photography, or about picking a book to make you seem like a genius. I want to see how people interpret the concept. I want to see kids books and comics and fat novels and poetry and pulp fiction and whatever you’re into. Book selfies and groups shots. All of it.

What comes first—the book or the outfit?

I like when I see a book cover and then come up with the most absurd idea of how it would look if I recreated the image, or if there’s a dress in my closet with just the right colours. Or when I read a book and love it and then I’m searching around to find something to do it justice. I want to pay tribute to the book.

What’s next for Dress Like a Book?

Celebrities! Endorsements! Intrigue! Honestly, I just hope more people are into the project and want to participate. Maybe it will transform into something else, (a book that people buy at Urban Outfitters, a musical) but I’m happy with it. It’s really fun. Send me your photos!

And, of course, I hope more people are buying more books. Buy all the books!


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